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As I write this spring is coming within a few weeks. It is a time to anticipate birds chirping among the flower blooms, brilliant sunshine and deep green grass. The beauty of nature is sure to influence my wardrobe. In preparation for the fast approaching spring season, I will add a new CHANEL bag in soft yellow, a color that says "Spring is here". Regardless of what outfit I will be wearing, a dress or a pair of jeans, this go-anywhere-do-anything purse will be the perfect accessory.


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More and more Black Friday deals are arriving online with early bird specials and pre Black Friday discount events.

To make sure what and where to get the best deals on Black Friday, it is smart to be ready with specific information about what it is you want at what price, and exactly what the sellers are offering at a discount price.


While shopping online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday it is always better to take steps to be sure not to get scammed. It is often what the online replica traffickers are not telling us that can get us ripped off. Very often the online Black Friday discount outlets will identify their replica Chanel bags as 100% original from a factory warehouse with free shipping, but may also leave out the very important fact that what they are really selling are fakes and moreover, producing them and selling them are against the law.

It is best to be on the safe side, be wary of fake Chanel handbag Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and opt for authentic CHANEL bags. Authentic CHANEL is found only at the CHANEL boutiques.